Joanne Grosso

Joanne Grosso was a remarkable woman who helped those around her, even when she could barely help herself. Joanneā€™s smile, strength, positivity, and compassion were felt by all who had the opportunity to meet her. While being a loving wife and mother of two, Joanne worked in finance, served on the library Board of Trustees, was a leading member of the celebrations committee in the town, where she resided, and would continuously uplift all she encountered in life. Whether she knew you or not, Joanne would be by your side to help. Joanne was truly one of a kind. The Joanne Grosso Foundation was created to follow in her selfless footsteps by giving back to those fighting the same battle she fought.

Joanne battled breast cancer for six years, until passing away in October of 2011. She received treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York during this time. At the center, she felt comforted by the care provided. The Joanne Grosso Foundation works to bring the power of music by having musical guests perform for patients and their loved ones. The events create an opportunity to positively affect lives, create smiles, memories, and happiness.